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Monday 2 July 2012

DVD giveaways: Kids' DVD releases from Magna Home Entertainment

DVD giveaways for 'Josie's Juice' readers. 
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Journey into the secret world of insects with 'Minuscule'

Miniscule season two is now on DVD. Following on from the worldwide success of season one,  Miniscule season two continues to follow a mischievous ladybird, a depressed mosquito, an inept jumping spider and a greedy fly. It's curious fun for kids, as its not your standard kids' DVD fare.

Imagine a National Geographic-style documentary without dialog or commentary, just quirky, offbeat insects going about their daily lives. Mixing 3D animated characters with stunning real life locations, Minsucule is a series that children and families alike will enjoy again and again.

Currently broadcasting on ABC1 to audience numbers of more than 400,0000 this stunning animation and live footage program is enjoyed by children and adults alike.

This DVD has 33 episodes, each lasting for five minutes, making it perfect for kids who want a quick laugh. Favourite episodes include Woopsy Daysies, The Stubborn Spider, zzzZZZzzz, Mosquito Net, Blunder and Spider Driver, plus many more.

Running time:  146 Minutes; RRP: $24.95

Colourful prehistoric fun for all ages
Come along and ride the 'Dinosaur Train'!
My kids love this DVD, and the new instalment continues to help kids to learn about all different types of dinosaurs with, Buddy and his family. Kids get to follow all of the adventures Buddy has with his brothers and sisters Tiny, Shiny and Don on board the Dinosaur Train. This educational, colourful animated series by 'The Muppets' creator Jim Henson explores the world inhabited by these enduring [in videos, anyway!] creatures, and also teaches children lots along the way.
Episodes in this release include:
·    Buddy The Tracker, Diamond Don, Family Scavenger Hunt, Triassic Turtle, Under the Volcano, Gilbert The Junior Conductor, Don’s Collection, Tank’s Sleep Over
Running Time: 150 mins; RRP: $19.95

Blasting off with Little Charley Bear
It’s amazing what you can do with your imagination and Little Charley Bear shows us how it’s done. This instantly likable, playful, and energetic little bear, is caring and thoughtful, curious and adventurous. He loves finding ways to make himself and others laugh. And what a great quality that is to teach littlies. Pre-schoolers will join in the fun and be inspired to use their imagination through creative discovery, learning new things about the world around. 
Show characters are: Little Charley Bear, Caramel the wooden Cow, Bellarina the wooden Ballerina, Frozo the squeaky rubber penguin, Midge the plush teddy bear, Nibblit the plush rabbit, and Rivet the tin robot.

This DVD is the third release of Little Charlie Bear, and it's entitled 'Teddy For Lift Off'. He's a big hit in the UK and fast becoming a fave in Oz, too.
Running time: 63 minutes; RRP $19.95

Raa Raa The Noisy Lion is ready to ROAR onto DVD!
What’s all that noise?...it’s Raa Raa the Noisy Lion!
From the makers of 'Roary the Racing Car' and 'Little Charley Bear; is a new favourite series for pre-schoolers. Raa Raa The Noisy Lion: Welcome to the Jingly Jangly Jungle DVD includes 8 episodes each lasting for 10 minutes.
RRP: $19.95 through all good retailers.
Raa Raa The Noisy Lion has captured the imagination of young tots and parents alike.  Featuring a loveable cast of characters including Huffty the elephant, Topsy the giraffe, Crocky the crocodile, Zebby the Zebra, Ooo Ooo the monkey and of course Raa Raa, a very little lion who enjoys having lots of noisy fun adventures. My little reviewers loved this character immediately. Yours will too! Raa Raa The Noisy Lion is introducing plush toys, interactive playsets and more, so it'll resonate with kiddies even more.
RRP: $19.95; running time: 80 minutes.

To enter to win the prize pack - to win one of these titles above - simply:

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- Write in comments section below in as few or as many words as you like: which DVD you'd like and why. There will be four separate winners.
- Best four entries will win - easy!


  1. My darling daughter Kayla, aged two
    Loves Charlie Bear, yes its true
    Every time he appears on tv
    She shouts, and laughs, and squeals with glee
    This dvd would her make her day
    Fingers crossed it'll be coming her way!! :)

  2. Miniscule is a favourite in our household, although we affectionally call it 'The Bugs' and never 'Miniscule'. It's great getting a bug's perspective on things .. and helps Miss Five appreciate the world around her and underneath her feet. And acts as a reminder for Mum and Dad too ....

  3. I'd love to win Dinosaur Train! I'd give it to my young nephew who is literally obsessed with dinosaurs!

  4. My little girl loves animals , raa raa the noisy lion will be good for her. She likes to watch minuscule

    1. Its quite interesting about dvd from this information. I like it.