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Thursday 12 July 2012

'Puberty Blues' - 2012 TV version + original 1970s trailer

Here's your first look at new Network Ten TV show 'Puberty Blues':

And here is the trailer for the 1970s original movie, directed by Bruce Beresford, based on the book by Kathy Lette and Gabrielle Carey

Here is a scene from the movie. It features 'Bud' Tingwell [RIP], Nell Schofield [I buzzed out when I interviewed her a few years ago], smoking fags in the school toilet, hickies, Rowena Wallace, a guy called Bruce with shaggy surf-hair, and the line 'Will you go 'round with me?' How much more Aussie do you want?

Will you watch the TV series? I will - the movie left me mouth-agape when I first hired it from a video store on VHS [Google that whole phrase, kids... it'll make sense]. Besides, it features Australian acting gem Claudia Karvan. I wouldn't miss anything with Claudia in it.

Has watching the trailer left you wanting to hear the whole song 'Are You Old Enough' by Dragon? Here it is [RIP Marc Hunter]:

'Puberty Blues' screens in August, post-Olympics - on Network Ten.


  1. Cannot wait for this! Bring it, Ten!!

  2. I also love the original, Josie... was so good to relive it with the trailer!

  3. This new version looks brilliant. I too watched the original flick, and was so excited to see the trailer for this new, TV adaption... bet it won't disappoint. Terry.

  4. This in on TONIGHT!! So very pumped. I might don my flared pants...!

    Thanks for the reminder... x