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Saturday 20 October 2012

'Bad25' - Michael Jackson 'Bad' album anniversary doco

Now this... will give you goosebumps.

The trailer for 'Bad25' - the documentary special to commemorate 25 years since the late Michael Jackson's 'Bad' album was born. The year was 1987

Does this bring back memories? What life-stage were you at? What were you doing?

Me, I was in my last year of my beloved OLR high school, and I recall that when 'Thriller' was released (in MJ's previous album of the same name) someone taped it from the telly to a VHS tape and brought it to school. They wheeled in the TV to the science room, charged 20 cents to watch a shaky copy of 'Thriller', and we looked on in awe.

When 'Bad' came out a few years later, Channel 9 again televised this incredible video (you would have seen Martin Scorcese at the helm, in the trailer above) we were smarter and taped it VHS ourselves.

It was an exciting time

What does this doco remind you of?

(Australian screen date TBA)

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