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Friday 26 October 2012

'Are You Buff Enough' - film and TV trivia app

Are you one of 'those' people who really, truly know their movie (or TV) trivia and... may or may not really, truly drive people batty when you recite, say, who won the Oscar for Best Actress in 1990 just off the top of your head? (Jessica Tandy, for 'Driving Miss Daisy', who became the oldest winner of a competitive Oscar, at nearly age 81, surpassing the achievement of George Burns).

Well this site and app is for you... and also for your friends so they can beat you at your own game - if you let 'em.

It's called 'Are You Buff Enough' and lots of fun... and: you can win stuff!

The basics:
  • It's a brand new Australian film and TV trivia app created by Screen Australia 
  • It's available on iPhone and Android/Google Play and you can play it online at www.buffenough.com.au
  • It's free! 
  • It features over 4000 questions – with over 100 new questions added every week
  • You can play against your friends and climb up the leader board, with random prizes given away to great players and the best players
I just played in the TV-questions category and... boy, it's addictive! And I got loads right and am totally up myself right now.

Here are some sample questions to whet your appetite:
  1. Who won the 2012 Silver Logie for Most Popular Actor, for his performance in Packed to the Rafters? ANSWER: Hugh Sheridan
  2. Which sparkling actress had her start in Australian Idol? ANSWER: Jessica Mauboy
  3. What crime film stars Heath Ledger and Rose Byrne? ANSWER: Two Hands
  4. True or false? Nicole Kidman was born in Sydney? ANSWER: False
  5. Who became the youngest person to win a Gold Logie Award in 1988, at the age of 19? ANSWER : Kylie Minogue
  6. Who began her acting career on All Saints before going on to star in Alice In Wonderland? ANSWER: Mia Wasikowska
  7. Who starred as Jerry in Jerry Springer The Musical at the Sydney Opera House in 2009? ANSWER: David Wenham
  8. Which major Australian director had a recurring role on A Country Practice in the early 1980s as an actor? ANSWER: Baz Luhrmann
  9. Which actress had her start in The Bugs Bunny Show? ANSWER: Sophie Lee
  10. What was the name of Delta Goodrem's character on Neighbours? ANSWER: Nina Tucker
  11. Which former star of Prisoner appeared in Seachange from 1998 to 2000? ANSWER: Sigrid Thorton
  12. Which 2012 tele movie stars Deborah Mailman and Jami Bani? ANSWER: MABO
  13. Who played David Wenham's on-screen wife Michelle in The Boys? ANSWER: Toni Colette
  14. In which TV drama series did Toni Pearen appear on between 1989 and 1992? ANSWER: E-Street
  15. True or false? Deborra-lee-Furness had her start in the TV series Prisoner? ANSWER: True
To join the 'Buff Enough' community, go here:

Go on, dip your toe in the small screen/big screen trivia fun... it's a cool app to download/site to upload during your night impromptu drinks/trivia sesh. Do it!

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