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Saturday 13 October 2012

House of Emmanuele Rosary Ring: Competition

I have always been uber-obsessed with crucifixes.

I mean, how could I not?

I grew up Catholic, went to a Catholic school, there were religious relics around the house, and then... Madonna.

Suddenly, the crucifix was sexy... and sex and Catholicism... well, you know the drill. It's a sin to say those two words in the same sentence.

Look at this l'il minx from the 1980s, sporting a crucifix-earring.

And so, I own loads of crucifix jewellery - and not worn ironically or for a fancy dress 1980s do, either. Nope, I really truly love them.

So imagine my delight (there was lots of squealing) when my friend, the uber-talented jewellery designer Emmanuele Tsakiris from Australian jewellery design company House of Emmanuele sent me this too-divine rosary ring.

Yep, it's a beautifully-designed, filigree-style, Swarovski ring with a chain around the wrist, encrusted in the most divine Swarovski jewels. Have a look:

Okay, here's another pic (I edited this down - I actually snapped a 'million'):

And so, to kick off the new House of Emmanuele rosary ring, the brand has announced a unique kinda competition for the brand's devotees:

And so: if you buy a House of Emmanuele rosary ring, take a photo of with a unique backdrop, then tag yourself on the House of Emmanuele Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/HouseofEmmanuele), and the most creative photo will win a 'Phonenix' necklace and 'Phoenix' ring, valued at over $700.

Here's my take on the comp:

What will you come up with?

As for my beloved, 'blessed' rosary ring I will be donning it next week when I celebrate my 25 year (when I was in Year 10) high school reunion, where a touch of silver bling is essential. The fact that my old school is Our Lady of the Rosary is, this time, deliciously ironic.

1 comment:

  1. Madonna Santa! (Blame Google Translate if that's wrong LOL). I LOVE your ring/bracelet. It's gorgeous.