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Thursday 4 October 2012

Sonia Kruger interview: Jetstar magazine

Recently I was asked to interview Sonia Kruger for a Jetstar magazine cover story. The issue is now on all Jetstar flights for the month of October. You can read an excerpt here, and the rest online [see link below] and of course on all Jetstar flights for this entire month [oh, take me with you please!]:

Television personality Sonia Kruger is just as you'd imagine. She has a high-wattage smile, incredibly fit physique and a larger-than-life personality. On the day of our interview at Channel Nine's Sydney headquarters, she's welcoming, engaging and excruciatingly fashionable in an on-trend floral shirt with studded collar and slim pastel blue pants. On her, it works.
It's 11am and she's just finished shooting her two-hour live TV show Mornings with co-host David Campbell (who pops his head in to say hi). She shows not a hint of fatigue under her camera-ready makeup, even though she's now juggling a two-show schedule that sees her filming Mornings in Sydney and Big Brother on the Gold Coast. She certainly has the whole travel caper down pat, and she rattles off tips at lightning speed.
"Put your deodorant in your handbag, not in your luggage," she advises. "Hairspray: also in your handbag. Always take your shoes off when going through security. Don't contemplate it, just do it. I don't travel with iPads or laptops. Be as compact as you can be.

Read the rest of the story here: http://www.jetstarmag.com/story/sonia/1737/1/

Sonia was such a joy to interview.

At the end of our interview, we were casually chatting and she asked, "Where are you from?"

"Oh, I freelance. So I write for several different publications."

"No, I mean where are you actually from? Where do you live?"

I told her the suburb I grew up in, and the suburb I now live in, still just up the road from my birthplace.

"So, yep: I'm a Westie!" [slang for from the Western Suburbs of Sydney], I said. 

"Oh, Craig [Sonia's partner] is from Wenty [short for Wentworthville], and I am from a 'Westie' suburb in QLD, so yeah, I understand the whole 'Westie' thing. It's brilliant."

"It IS," I agreed. "Gives you a certain empathetic sensibility, doesn't it? Keeps you a little more in tune with everyday people, a bit more grounded," I added.

"Absolutely," she agreed wholeheartedly. "Makes sure you keep things real."

And that right there is yet another reason why it's hard not to love Sonia Kruger. She's as real as they come.

Oh, I couldn't resist a photo, taken in her office, before I left Channel Nine HQ. What a total sweetheart.

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