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Friday 12 October 2012

'Melrose Place' Reunion - Entertainment Weekly and 'Good Morning America'

1990s aficionados - get excited!

The cast from cult '90s TV show 'Melrose Place' reunited for an Entertainment Weekly magazine reunion issue.

Check out this clip from 'Good Morning America' here, plus the Entertainment Weekly cover below:

And ohhh, look at the cast during the Melrose heyday:

Why, why don't they play replays of the show on pay-TV? There'd be so many fans tuning in! Would you tune in?


  1. OMG LOVED Melrose Place. Wish they'd put it back on.

  2. I have the DVDs! Love it!

  3. I know!! They repeat everything else on Foxtel and GEM, etc... why not this?! Maybe we should start a petition...?! x

  4. Awesome, Shaylee! The entire series? Gosh I'd love to watch it all again...! x