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Friday 30 November 2012

50 Shades of Divorce: wife 'inspired' by erotic book splits with husband

Have you read the book 'Fifty Shades of Grey'?

No, it's not a silly question. Many haven't. Including me.

Well, I have read enough to get the gist of the story and post about it, but really immerse myself? Not really.

And so, I plan to do that this weekend.

But will I feel like this woman did below... she is divorcing her husband after he refused to spice up their love life by reliving scenes from the erotic bestseller.

True story.

The wife, a 41 year old banker from the UK, earning more than £400,000 a year, claims her husband’s ‘boring attitude’ to sex is evidence of ‘unreasonable behaviour’ - which is the grounds for her divorce, filed at the High Court.

In the case, she refers to the novel [you probs know the plotline: the sadomasochistic affair between billionaire Christian Grey and naive student Anastasia Steele] which she bought almost as soon as it was published last year and hoped it would encourage her husband to be more adventurous in bed.

According to dailymail.co.uk:

"...she bought some sexy underwear but her husband failed to respond to her advances and he even blamed her behaviour on ‘that bloody book’.

Now she has petitioned for divorce citing his alleged low libido as evidence of ‘unreasonable behaviour’, one of the five grounds for divorce under English law. The wife’s solicitor, Amanda McAlister, a family law expert, believes the case is the first where the new phenomenon of ‘mummy porn’ has triggered a divorce."

Read more here.

And so: what has been your experience of reading this book? Have you wanted to pounce on your partner, and it has kinda taken him by surprise? Has he been weird about your newfound passion?

One friend reports - and I loosely quote - "I read it, then I want to jump my partner but by then he's asleep. So, that's kinda frustrating!"


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