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Friday 30 November 2012

Scunci Bun Maker - the easiest way to create a hair top knot

Creating easy hairstyles so I am out the door quickly is of paramount importance any day of the week, though especially when my hair is:

a) not behaving and "all over the shop." And...
b) hair is not squeaky-clean.

Who has the time to wash hair daily? And anyway, hair has more texture and traction and therefore easier to style when it's a little dirty and not slippery-clean.

The Scunci Bun Maker - which I have trailed and played with for several weeks now - is my tool of choice for creating the perfect bun.
It really is a cinch to use. Here is a how-to video tutorial:

Here's what you get in the Scunci Bun Maker box:

To buy, head to Big W, Priceline, or Target, and selected pharmacies. It's only $9.95.

For more info, clickety click right here.

Here are some celeb examples of the perfect bun... high or low, it's super-duper easy... Give it a go!

Do you like? I love this style. Interestingly, I found that women adore this style; men, not so much. What are you experiences when wearing this style? Comment below.

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