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Friday 30 November 2012

L'Oreal Paris Miss Candy Collection

Lolly pastels... so hot right now. Now, makeup has gone all sweet on us too... And I feel like I could gorge on it all and feel like I'm on a sugar-high of the best kind.  

Complementing our current passion for pastel coloured fashion, these eyeshadow, nail, and lip colours range from candy store tints to baby doll hues.

Here's the look, created by L'Oreal Paris:

This 'Miss Candy Collection' is available this summer as a limited edition collection.

The L’Oréal Paris Infallible Eyeshadow boldly mixes two shades into one so eyelids sport lusciously contrasting colours. Colour stays true and intact... resisting creasing, rubbing and water. The L’Oréal Paris Infallible Eyeshadow Miss Candy (RRP $19.95) colours are:

#31 Innocent Turquoise
#32 Sassy Chamallow
#33 Tender Caramel
#34 Pepsy Coral
#36 Naughty Strawberry

The Colour Riche Le Vernis range is a pretty palette of sugar-sweet nail colours. Thanks to the formula’s 'Integrated Gel Technology', colour glides on easier than ever for a smooth, even coverage over the entire nail. You can go monochrome, two-tone [blue base, a semi-circle of pink closest to nail bed], or stylise-it-up [blue polka dots on a pink base looks fantastic]. The Miss Candy collection nail polish colours [RRP $6.95] are:

#101 Opera Ballerina
#202 Marie Antoinette
#211 Opulent Pink
#215 Monaco Roses
#216 Milkshake in LA
#303 Lush Tangerine
#304 Spicy Orange
#305 Dating Coral
#306 Sex on the Beach
#507 Riviera Lavender
#601 French Riviera
#602 Perle de Jade
#617 Because You’re Worth It
#618 Santorini Lagoon

L’Oréal Paris' iconic gloss Glam Shine also interprets the Miss Candy Collection beautifully: eight, almost edible sugar-sweet shades. Each gloss includes a delicious mix of two complementary colours to create the iridescent, candy-coloured shades... L’Oréal Paris Glam Shine Miss Candy is RRP $22.95, and here are the colours below:

#701 Bubble Pink
#702 Candy Pink
#703 Tart Lollipop
#705 Strawberry Licorice
#708 Marshmallow Twist
#709 Miss Candy
#710 Pink Treat
#713 Cola Fizz

The limited edition L’Oréal Paris Miss Candy Collection is available December 2012 and January 2012 ONLY from selected pharmacies, department and variety stores nationally. Stockist number: 1300 659 259. Which colours tickle your fancy?

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