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Friday 23 November 2012

Bryce Courtenay dies: a tribute, and 'Family Confidential' screening on ABC1

Just yesterday, we lost an incredible man. Bryce Courtenay. An Australian author who more than made his mark while he was on this earth.

Here is his heartbreaking farewell message, recorded just days ago. He knew his time was up:

Here is a report uploaded by ABC news overnight:

And here - get the tissues - is his last masterclass for authors:

I was very fortunate to be given the opportunity to work alongside my PR pal Anna in getting the word out there about an extraordinary documentary series called 'Family Confidential.' During the last series, the talented executive producer of the series Laurie Critchley managed to secure the Courtenay family as subjects for her latest series. This was a huge coup - the extended Courtenay family has always been private [in fact, this series is the only time his two surviving sons have ever spoken publicly about the man they know – as a father and author, and on the very mixed impact he has had on their lives] and Bryce himself rarely gave interviews. Incredibly, Bryce always swore he would only reveal his autobiography to the cameras just once in his lifetime. Little did he – or the filmmakers know – that they had taken what was probably his last remaining opportunity to do so. Six months after the ep first aired he announced his stomach cancer diagnosis.

In the lead up to the episode's screening I dealt with Bryce's partner in life Christine a great deal, in securing interviews for Bryce. She is all class, and it was clear the two were deeply in love. She had his back in a major way; cared for him immensely.

Here is a photo of Bryce and Christine, courtesy of 'Family Confidential':

The 'Family Confidential' Courtenay family episode, which screened last year, was set for a re-screen on ABC1 this coming Monday November 26 at 8pm many weeks ago. Bryce: how is your timing, eh? Impeccable until the very end, you lovely gentleman.

Here is a clip from the upcoming episode, on truth and the writer:

And another clip, on growing up without a family:

This clip: on missing his first deadline:

Here is a very precious Courtenay family pic, courtesy of 'Family Confidential' - of a younger Bryce with his young children Adam, Brett, and Damon:

Do you have memories of reading Bryce books? Share your thoughts here.

Here is the cover of his just-released last book 'Jack of Diamonds':

You can follow the Family Confidential Facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Family-Confidential/170320246318235?fref=ts

Do not miss the whole episode of 'Family Confidential' on Monday November 26 on ABC1.

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