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Tuesday 27 November 2012

Facebook status updates - the biggest 'selfie'?

I came across a Facebook status update... about Facebook status updates.

And I found it quite interesting. So I asked the person who posted it if I could share. She said yes. That person is radio host - for Illawarra's i98FM radio station - Bianca Dye.

Here is her post:

"I haven't looked on Facebook properly for months but after doing so tonight I'm thinking I'm embarrassed for so many of us (including myself - trust me) that we think alllll these people that "follow" us really gives a "rat's ass" about our self indulgent photos of ourselves at parties - and with nieces and nephews and on holidays and eating and basically vomiting up whatever self indulgent ego based vile we want all our "friends" to see/share/care about.
I'm here to say we don't - no one does - it's society gone mad - it's the biggest "selfie" you could ever take for all the world to see...
What have we become? (Am I a hypocrite? Of course I am - I work in media and it's perfect for us - but not shots of me with my aunty Anna's niece's sister's kid - fail. No one cares) Facebook is gonna self implode one day... :)"

I get Bianca's point, I do: Facebook IS one big selfie. And I am guilty of this, yes. Of course I post pics of me at parties and my twinnies and sometimes, food [although I have found that most dishes on FB look like dog's poo, unless an Instagram filter is applied. Even then it still looks like slop].
And Bianca does acknowledge she is a "hypocrite" about it all and does the very thing she dislikes seeing in her Facebook 'newsfeed'.
But is it true some people don't care about you post?
Well, that's no real shock - I don't think everyone on my FB friends list is really going to give a stuff about how my kids' kindergarten orientation went today. Or how I just completed an interview with so and so. Or how I love my husband... or he kinda annoys the crap out of me.
Perhaps some online pals think I am a show-off or full of myself or a tad too occupied with my kids or obsessed with accessories and Victoria's Secret... or all of the above.
They'd be right: I am full of myself sometimes. But I'm not doing it to impress - it's a real documentation of my life.
The 'other' stuff - the shite that fills my day, like deadlines and wiping tiny bums, and arguing with my husband, well that is hardly FB status update-worthy.
And I don't expect everyone to 'like' my every move or silly pic, but some do and I like that a lot. Likewise, I don't 'like' every single thing my pals do or so or believe in. At those time I simply don't comment.
Here are some comments in reply to Bianca's post:
Says one: "You're probably right, but I enjoy seeing my good friends families growing up, seeing a record of being a part of it. I enjoy sharing my developing family with my extended family and friends. Sure there are loads of my friends that don't give a crap, but there is a significant number who do and I really appreciate that. Sorry to get all deep with the response."
Replies Bianca: "Mike u have a valid point & I'll prob keep using it for that reasoning... I'm just saying after scrolling thru a lot of people I was like "what a crock of shit"!!!! Lol" 
And another comment: "The more people become self involved, caught up in the I/me generation, the more we become obsessed with the Kardashians and "reality" tv, the easier it becomes to distract the attention of the masses to the real goings on of the world. Big brother found the best way to divert attention was through self obsession."
Adds Bianca: "I guess for every wanna be on here posing there are a zillion people using it for awesome shit -for every person showing every second of a holiday there is someone using it for good. & raising money huh? That's positive. For ever dickhead using it to bully someone else is telling someone how "awesome" they r! So ... Perhaps the positives outweigh the negs ??"
Another comment: "If ur not happy Bianca why Is ur account stil active?"
Replies Bianca: " i AM happy - im just allowed my opinion.... its one opinion - & let me tell you i also love using facebook for all the positives too let me tell you/// i just find it vomitus too sometimes - im SURE IF MOST PEOPLE ARE HONEST THEY WILL AGREE that some days its awesome & some days its a wankfest!! xxx"

I get what Bianca is trying to say us we put forward our best self... often to the point of overly embellishing. To the point of, sometimes, bullshit.
So, what are your thoughts? Is Facebook one big wankfest? Or a warm and fuzzy place? Or can it create some online chaos, even ruin friendships?
Comment below!

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