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Monday 10 December 2012

'A Current Affair' Mel Grieg and Michael Christian - Video

Mel Grieg and Michael Christian spoke to Tracy Grimshaw tonight about the phone hoax linked to the tragic death of UK nurse Jacintha Saldanha. Click video below:

What are your thoughts?

I cried along with Michael and Mel quite simply because I am human.

None of what happened could have been forseen.

However, a few things are certain moving forward:

A prank call which is made at the expense of someone else will always end in some kind of humiliation and deep embarrassment.

Calling a hospital and impersonating someone while asking for medical information is wrong by any standards.

A hospital must surely have strict standards in place where no information is given out to anyone, ever over the phone.

Imagine how Prince William is feeling: his wife and unborn child in hospital. And then this tragedy. Again, with media meddling, someone loses their life. First Diana. Now the deeply sad death of Jacintha. And Kate: the beginnings of a woman's pregnancy under such intense scrutiny and now forever linked to this sad set of circumstances.

Having said the obvious, the DJs need as much of our support as possible, not condemnation. They are human, deeply hurting, and deeply remorseful. "Baying for blood" is equally futile and wrong. Some of the comments on social media sites about them are abhorrent. Ideas for radio segments are discussed by a team of people, and after ideas are executed they are sent to their legal departments to be cleared. At that point, the responsibility is on radio management. Once the sound bite is done and in the can the whole team need to be held responsible should something go awry. In this instance, tragic.

What are you thoughts?

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