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Wednesday 5 December 2012

Twentieth anniversary of the text message: how to decipher texts + viral videos

Did you know that yesterday marked the 20th anniversary of the text message?

Yes, the SMS [short messaging service] we use daily was born two decades ago when - on December 3 1992 - a 22 year old British engineer Neil Papworth sent the first ever SMS from his computer to a friend's 'Orbitel 901' mobile phone.

Neil, and Matti Makkonen - the so-called "Father of Text Messaging" [who conjured up the concept back in the 1980s] would never have known how quickly texting would become such a huge part in the way many of us communicate.

For my generation [that'd be Gen X] understanding a text message seems pretty straightforward. But for some, it's hard to make out what some messages mean.

Here is a fun clip on deciphering text messages:

The most unintentionally hilarious 'side-effect' of texting is that damn auto correct function on your phone. My iPhone often alters words as I text, though it's a damn good thing I read my texts before I send them. See several fun clips here, as Ellen reads out wrong, wrong texts.

Here is one:

And below is a popular past post on dogs texting their owners. Good fun. Here's one:

See more dog texts here.

And to see how texting between potential dating partners can go wrong, go here. Here's a taster:

What do you most love about being able to text as a form of communicating? Has anyone broken up with you over a text? Or have you been that dumper? Share.

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