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Monday 17 December 2012

Awkward Family Photos: Christmas pics. Plus, Kardashian awkward Christmas photos

You've got the yearly, heavily Photoshopped Kardashian Christmas card [like these, below]. Indeed, this year the 2012 family Christmas card had several members actually Photoshopped in [Scott, Lamar, and Kendall]:

And you've got hugely 'awkies' Christmas cards, like this offering from the Huffington Post site, taken from 'Awkward Family Photos'.

Here are some below, but you must click link below for more Xmas goodness... and right at the end you'll see some rather hilarious Kardashian awkward cards, which they also openly laugh at. Enjoy...

For more hilarity - which were submitted by their own families to 'Awkward Family Photos, so you know, don't feel bad laughing at them - click here.

And, then there are the Kardashian Xmas cards from years gone by...

Have you had any awkward festive photos produced? Is this a 'thing' you and your family do every year?

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