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Thursday 6 December 2012

2Day FM hospital prank call - too far?

This is quite extraordinary - not the prank itself, but just how far they got.

This is the audio - which has now made worldwide headlines - featuring 2Day FM 'Summer 30' countdown radio presenters MC [Michael Christian] and Mel [Mel Craig] calling the King Edward VII Hospital in central London where Kate Middleton is staying, following her diagnosis with severe morning sickness.

What do you think?

Too far? Just a fun prank? Comment below.

Here are some of the headlines. Here and here.

For more, click here: http://www.2dayfm.com.au or http://www.2dayfm.com.au/shows/hot-30/
And you can follow these pranksters on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/hot30 and on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/hot30countdown

UPDATED: Prince Charles laughs off the hoax. See clip here.

UPDATED: Nurse at centre of hoax has died, in apparent suicide. Read more here.

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