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Wednesday 5 December 2012

How to speak 'Generation Z' - McCrindle Research chart helps decipher

I know this seems cray-cray but Gen Z - that's children and teenagers - are totes twittering, making jkes and LMSing their way through life. I mean, YOLO.

According to McCrindle research, while Gen Z is predicted to be the most educated generation in Australia’s history, their unique way of communicating has caused debate on whether literacy standards are declining in the classroom as text-talk and “slanguage” infiltrates the written word. 

Their grandparents - the ol' the Baby Boomers - first brought youth slang into the spotlight with words like 'cool', 'man', and 'dude'.

Today's youth draw from a larger bunch of slang, vastly different from previous youth lexicons, compounded by new technology and opened up by a global youth culture.

And now, McCrindle Research has compounded some of the best ones into the ABC of GEN Z, a vibrant infographic displaying the top lingo you should know.

Have a read through - do you say any of these? What about people who speak/write like this... share your comments below!

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