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Wednesday 5 December 2012

Prime Minister Julia Gillard responds to open letter on gay marriage by Matt Young

Last month, news.com.au journalist Matt Young wrote an open letter to Prime Minister Julia Gillard on gay marriage.

This is how his letter started:

Dear Prime Minister,

"I write to you as a tax paying citizen, a brother, a son, an uncle and a member of the homosexual community frustrated with our politicians’ lacklustre stance on the rights of gay and lesbians in our fair nation. On both sides of the political fence, that is."
Here is more what Matt [below] said, which was published on both 'The Punch' and news.com.au

And today, Matt reveals that he did indeed receive a reply from the Prime Minister's office. Just not from Julia.

You can read more here.

The news is not great, and certainly not what Matt hoped to hear.

What are your thoughts?

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