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Wednesday 26 December 2012

Christmas gift letdown - what to expect when you're [not getting what] you're expecting

Did Christmas leave you a little deflated yesterday? Like this card from those UK funsters 'Modern Toss':
Truth is, when we are given a gift which makes us think: "what on earth were they thinking?" there's a certain element of disappointment. It's not necessarily related to the monetary value of the gift, more so the fact that you don't feel 'gotten'. That the gift was random, not thought through, not contemplated enough [I know, I know... it's so 'first world problems'].

It also makes you question: how well does that person know me anyway? Do they listen to my cues and hints and general banter about things I like and would like to own?

What did you receive yesterday? Was it what you expected? Was it perhaps better than you expected? Spill!

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