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Monday 17 December 2012

Fifi Box - Grant Kenny baby's father?

In celebrity baby news just in, New Idea magazine is reporting that the father of Fifi Box's baby is Australian iron man Grant Kenny, who was once married to swimmer Lisa Curry.

For more on Fifi's announcement, click here.

And for more on this story, click here.

I know this story is in the public interest because Fifi is on radio and has a high profile, and with her 'baby daddy' said to be Grant Kenny - who was hugely high profile in the 1980s and 1990s in both the sporting and Aussie celeb scene - it's created a mini media 'storm'. But really, essentially - it's about two people in love, with well-publicised pasts, who have found each other and are now having a baby.

And at the risk of going all Pollyanna on you, I am very happy for them. It's a baby! It's good news! Let's not murky it up with talk of age difference and the like. Huge congrats again Fifi...

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