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Wednesday 26 December 2012

Boxing Day sales - online or bricks and mortar? My Gosh Celebrity score!

I am not much of a 'sales' person? Well, the thing is, I am... just not when everybody else is doing it. I know, I know: that's the whole point of shopping the sales - it's a herd mentality, with people madly rifling through 'stuff' and you're meant to get in amongst it and join in the fun. Except it's not real fun most of the time, is it?

Battling traffic, finding a parking spot, elbowing crowds, waiting for change rooms, lining up at the cash register, carting it back to the car, battling car park backlog... you get the picture. I once went to a department store Boxing Day sale - except I think it was the day after Boxing Day and it was a suburban store, not the city store. I waited outside the roller doors and then went the full throttle mad dash as soon as those doors lifted. Nobody else really ran - and I did it for sheer fun and silliness. I just wanted a watch for my husband and I was always going to get that particular one - I didn't have to fight anyone for it. But gee it was fun knowing I got my hands on it first.

Which brings me to the obvious alternative: online shopping. I have always been a more touchy, feely person... and I do love [read: obsessed with] sales... In fact I am renowned for being a champion shopper, scoring pretty much everything at 40% off or more [60-70% off is not uncommon for me].

So, the notion of online is still sorta new for me. But I totally get the thrill of receiving packages after a fruitful online hunt. And it's so very exciting to hear the doorbell ring and see the postie holding a package addressed to me.

So I was more than a little chuffed when online shopping site Gosh Celebrity offered up a $200 voucher to Josie's Juice to go forth and spend.

Gosh Celebrity is an online fashion store launched by Rebecca Lau in 2007. The savvy businesswoman saw a gap in the market for fashion-forward and affordable clothing, and set about combining her love of fashion and celebrities to create one of the first few online stores in Australia. Since then, goshcelebrity.com.au has been the go-to online hub for hungry-for-fashion-now fashionistas, and has been featured in various magazines including Cleo, NW, Famous, ShopTil You Drop and Cosmopolitan as well as on TV and radio.

Local celebs love themselves a bit of goshcelebrity, including Sophie Faulkiner, Lara Bingle, Emma Lung and Sonia Kruger.

Fast delivery of overseas fashion trends and looks straight off the runway, plus a reputation for offering ‘luxe for less’ and celebrity style, plus very excellent customer service has now made this site a fave for online shoppers... and now, I am new devotee.

So: what did I get?

These! This Blessed Are The Meek rose gold top:

And this too-gorgeous, on-trend bright colour pop blazer from Honey & Beau:

I can't wait to get delivery of these babies... I'll be sporting them within a day or so!

The best part? Gosh Celebrity is on sale right now.

Yup, you can buy two items of clothing on sale - and get 20% off both sale items!

And you can shop by brand, shop by trend, or shop the sale. Go!

UPDATED: Here are my two items from Gosh Celebity, received today. I love. Do you love?

If you like, don't miss out... hop to it on the site and go nuts. There are some a-mazing dresses on the site for NYE. GO!

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