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Tuesday 29 April 2014

'My Kitchen Rules' 2014: WINNERS

And so, MKR fans… it's THE night.

Have you picked a winner yet? Chloe and Kelly? Or Jessica and Bree?

UPDATED: It's Jessica and Bree!

Who do you think will go home with the 'My Kitchen Rules' crown for 2014… and the ($250,000) cash?

Thing is, not even the winners themselves know.

On breakfast radio today - in an interview with KISS1065 radio's Kyle and Jackie O - Chloe and Kelly revealed that two endings had been filmed.

And so, when WE see the winner announced on TV is when THEY see it.

They were asked to film two 'reactions' to the winners names. One where they have 'won' and one where they have a reaction where they have lost.

So, as they watch the finale and the winners' names being announced is when they find out if they have won the title and the prize!

And the winner is…

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