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Sunday 13 April 2014

Chrissy Amphlett's dream: 'I Touch Myself' breast cancer awareness anthem - VIDEO

On tonight's episode of 'Sunday Night', the first look at the dream of the late Chrissy Amphlett.

Australia’s greatest female singers have united to transform Chrissy Amphlett’s "I Touch Myself" into a breast health awareness anthem.

Almost one year ago, Australian musical legend, Chrissy Amphlett, of the Australian band Divinyls, passed away at age 53, following her battle with breast cancer.
Chrissy was passionate about spreading awareness around the importance of early detection of breast cancer and wanted her song "I Touch Myself" to become an anthem for women’s health around the world.
She got her wish. Watch:

On the website 'I Touch Myself', you can see the song where several Australian singers singer their rendition of Chrissie's song.

The site says:

CHRISSY AMPHLETT (CHRISTINE JOY AMPHLETT)October 25, 1959 — April 21, 2013
She sang it. She shouted it. And we couldn't help but listen.
Now Chrissy wants us to hear her words again. For breast cancer awareness.
Chrissy gave us this song. This is her divine wish. Touch yourself.

Chrissy’s family and friends and Cancer Council NSW have come together to launch this "I Touch Myself" project.
The moving music video features 10 leading female Australian artists: Olivia Newton John, Megan Washington, Sarah McLeod, Katie Noonan, Sarah Blasko, Suze DeMarchi, Deborah Conway, Kate Ceberano, Little Pattie and Connie Mitchell wearing no clothes and singing their hearts out.
Marking the first anniversary of the singer's death on April 21, 2014, the campaign will ask women to "touch themselves" to get to know the look and feel of their breasts.
For more information about the campaign, visit www.itouchmyself.org
Photo credit: news.com.au - for more, click here.

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