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Thursday 24 April 2014

'Jonah From Tonga' - ABC iview binge trailer - VIDEO

'Jonah From Tonga' - NEW clip. GO!

Of course, you may have heard the whole series will do a first, with ABC iview giving superfans the chance to watch 'puck loads' of Chris Lilley’s new series 'Jonah From Tonga' online, before it hits TV screens.

Every episode of the six-part series will premiere in a not-to-be-missed 'weekend iview binge', available from 6pm Friday May 2 until 6pm Sunday May 4 AEST.

Click on THIS LINK to access from May 2 and only until May 4, and use the hashtag
#JonahFromTonga and join the conversation here: http://ab.co/jonahfromtonga

Here are all the iView links:

Episode 1: http://ab.co/1iKcgKD
Episode 2: http://ab.co/1kq5ICe
Episode 3: http://ab.co/1fzBHEf
Episode 4: http://ab.co/1mkyueq
Episode 5: http://ab.co/1hZFJoa
Episode 6: http://ab.co/1rLjBit

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