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Tuesday 17 April 2012

Brad and Angelina: how long is too long an engagement?

Yes, that is a movie poster for the new Judd Apatow ('Bridesmaids') film. More on that later...

This post is inspired by 'The View'. And my Facebook post a few days ago.

I was watching a debate on 'The View' today and the panel were discussing Angelina Jolie's engagement ring... below...

...and Brad and Angie's engagement, after sooo many years - and kidlets - together.

Joy Behar (always, hands down, my fave) said:

"Why did they take so long to decide to get married? It's like, c'mon!"

Adds Barbara Walters: "I wanna discuss the whole business of being 'engaged'. This is a couple with six children, who have been together for how long? At least six years. The whole idea of getting engaged was: you get to know each other, you decide if you really wanna get married... why are you engaged? You live together, you have children, get married already!"

Whoopi adds that she thinks their kids wanted 'that whole thing'... the getting down on one knee, the whole proposal and stuff.

A few days ago, I posted about Brad and Angelina's engagement on Facebook and the comments went to that direction to.

Said one friend: "It's actually all a bit ridiculous...just get married already, if that's what they want to do!

Another added: "I agree... why get engaged, just go and get married. Are they saving up for the big woggy wedding they are having? Want to wait until they can afford to have Johnny Walker Blue label on the tables instead of just the Black label?

The first friend agreed: "The more I read these posts the more certain I am I'd feel like a complete and utter hypocrite if I suddenly decided to get legally married after spending 10 years living in a marriage... other than the ring, the dress, the party and a few happy snaps, what do they think will change?!

And in a nice little [kinda] segue, the producer of 'Bridesmaids' is releasing the new movie 'The Five Year Engagement' [featuring Australia's own Jacki Weaver] about a very looong engagement.

Watch the fun trailer:

So, what do you think?

Long engagements? Useful or just delaying the inevitable (that is, a wedding day... or perhaps a break-up?)

My mum has a saying in Sicilian: "Le cose lunghi diventano serpe"... translation: things that carry on for far too long turn into, uh, serpents (ie: they become a little deadly, and go off course).


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