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Saturday 28 April 2012

'Girls' - the new Sex & The City? Foxtel/HBO new TV series

The new US TV show 'Girls' has been touted as the new 'Sex & The City'.

The HBO show (from the network that gave us SATC, 'Six Feet Under', 'True Blood', and groundbreaking TV) has just started screening in the US, and is set to screen in Australia from Monday May 28 from 8.30pm, on Showcase - on Foxtel [double episodes].

Watch the trailers here:

It comes from writer/director/actor Lena Dunham and comedy veterans Judd Apatow ('Bridesmaids') and Jenni Konner, with this new half-hour series focuses on a group of 20-something women in New York and their adventures in 'post-collegiate floundering'.

Two years out of liberal arts school, Hannah (Dunham) believes she has the talent to be a successful writer, and though she has yet to complete her memoir (she has to live it first), her parents cut her off financially without warning. Further complicating things for Hannah is her unrequited passion for eccentric actor Adam (Adam Driver), with whom she occasionally has sex - when he can be bothered to respond to her text messages. It's all shades of uncomfortable to watch.

Over the course of Season 1s ten episodes, the four girls try to figure out what they want from life, from boys, from themselves and each other. The answers arent always clear or easy, but the search is profoundly relatable and infinitely amusing.

Can't wait to watch! Will you tune in?

Here is an interview with Lena Dunham, who stars in, directs, and writes the show:

And here is exec producer Judd Apatow talking about 'Girls', and later Lena (as well as Alex Karpovsky [Tiny Furniture] and exec producer Jenni Konner):


  1. Josie LOVE SITC! And always on the lookout for a great new show to watch... but don't have Foxtel :-( Will have to search the net for an alternative place to view...

  2. Tania, did you catch it? It is NOTHING like SATC... instead, the 'voice of a new generation', as the main character herself says in ep 1. I am seriously hooked...

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