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Saturday 14 April 2012

Justin Theroux - his film and TV roles. Thaaat's where you know him!

Justin Theroux.

Jennifer Aniston's boyfriend.

He's been acting for years but you juuust can't place him, right?

Well, he has been in many key roles, cameos, guest roles, even unrecognisable ones.

Here is a little compile piece, with a really fun, recent 'Ellen' clip at the end.

This clip features his appearances in 'Sex & The City'. Not once, but twice (he is at the 1.38 mark as 'Jared'... and then appearing in the clip as the over-excited Jewish guy who, er, arrives too early: Vaughn Wysel).

Here is the scene where he is unrecognisable - in 'Zoolander', as the evil DJ (at the 1.08 mark):

And here is a scene from 'Six Feet Under', where he played Brenda's (Rachel Griffiths) boyfriend for several episodes:

His fun looking role - with his GF Aniston - in new film 'Wanderlust':

And another scene from 'Wanderlust':

And his recent appearance on Ellen, where he breakdances for the audience, after Ellen reveals that Jennifer Aniston has had his special breakdancing shoes sent over:

He's also - a friend has just told me - the cowboy who lights a cigarette in 'Romy & Michelle's High School Reunion', in TV series 'Alias', in movie 'American Psycho', in 'Spin City', 'Ally McBeal', and loads of other cameo roles.

Versatile, that Mr Theroux!

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  1. Most enjoyed the Justin breakdance on Ellen... ;)