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Sunday 15 April 2012

Giuliana Rancic - E! True Hollywood Story

E! presents the story of one of Hollywood’s most beloved reporters, Giuliana Rancic - the Australian premiere is Sunday, April 15th 2012 on the E! channel on Foxtel.

Giuliana Rancic’s come a long way since her humble beginnings in Naples, Italy. 

Indeed, she has now become an essential fixture on the red carpet, injecting her own brand of fun to the pre-awards fashion spectacle.

Along the way, with her beloved husband Bill, Giuliana has become a role model, particularly as a cancer fighter and survivor.

Giuliana is on 'E! News' with Ryan Seacrest, as one of the critics on 'Fashion Police' and of course, as one-half of the reality show, 'Giuliana & Bill'.

This has never been 'The Osbournes', though.

From their exciting high-flying careers, to their very public struggles with fertility and Giuliana's cancer diagnosis and battles, the 'E! True Hollywood Story: Giuliana Rancic' is one of the most moving, fascinating profiles you'll see.

Says Giuliana: “You can think of all the horrible things happening to you and focus on that. Or, you can kind of recognise that it’s a bad situation, but then try to find the good in your life and focus on that. So, that is what I do. So, yes, I have breast cancer, yes, I can’t have a baby yet. But you know what? I have an amazing husband. I have a wonderful family. I have great friends. I have my dream job, so life’s good.”

Some highlights from E! True Hollywood Story: Giuliana Rancic:

On elementary school in America
“They thought I was like an alien. I had a weird name, Giuliana with a ‘G’, and no one could pronounce it. Pretty early on one of my teachers changed my name – without asking me – to Julie. She thought that would be easier, with a ‘J’ because ‘G’ was just too complicated.” Giuliana Rancic tells E!

On her career aspirations
“I was in elementary school and we were doing a drawing assignment about what you want to be when you grow up. So I drew an anchor woman that I had seen on TV. I went to the front of the class and I said [in my Italian accent] ‘I want to be an anchor woman.’ And [the teacher] was like, ‘oh, to be an anchor woman you have to speak perfectly – maybe you should think about something else.’ I thought, ‘what?’ I just couldn’t believe it. It was embarrassing and the kids were laughing and smirking and I remember thinking to myself – I’m going to show her.’” 

On finishing graduate school
“Giuliana did not waste any time. We graduated on a Sunday and she had her ticket booked to leave for Los Angeles the following Friday.” Stephanie Shweiki, classmate tells E!

On her husband
When Giuliana heard about an opportunity to interview Bill Rancic, she jumped at the chance. Bill recalls that fateful interview. “Once the camera stopped, the interview just continued and continued. As we were both walking away – I was very shy when it came to asking out girls – I worked up enough courage and I said, ‘Giuliana, would you like to go running sometime?’ She looked at me funny like ‘you loser.’”

Giuliana continues the story, “I thought to myself, ‘wait – a run? That means like 9am on a Saturday, no makeup, spandex, not cute. That’s not how I do a first date.’ So I said, ‘that, or we could go for a drink instead?’”

On IVF treatments
“She was in a lot of pain. I could see it on her face, hear it in her voice and it was a real, real struggle.” Monica Zuriff, Giuliana’s sister recalls to E!

“My sister and my cousins, they sneeze and get pregnant. And I can’t get pregnant to save my life, so it was hard.” Giuliana Rancic tells E!

On her cancer diagnosis
“It’s something that is unfathomable. One day, you’re totally fine. And you’re living your dream and life is wonderful, and then the next day, your whole life changes forever.” Giuliana Rancic tells E!

“I am strong for my daughter. She doesn’t want to see me upset. I know, but inside…oh my gosh…me passera. In the night and in the day I cry, but not in front of my daughter.” Anna DePandi, Giuliana’s mother tells E!

“I’m so proud of her bravery and how she has handled this.” Bill Rancic, Giuliana’s husband tells E!

Don't miss the E! True Hollywood Story profiling Giuliana Rancic’s inspiring story, premiering on Sunday, April 15th 2012 at 8:30pm AEST on E! - and look out for regular repeats on the E! channel.

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