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Wednesday 18 April 2012

Celebrity Apprentice Australia - series two

Celebrity Apprentice Australia series two is premiering tonight, Wednesday April 18 at 8pm.

A new batch of 12 high-profile, ultra-competitive celebrities are determined to steal the limelight for themselves... oh, it's also all for charity, right?

After last year’s winner Julia Morris made her mark on telly and straight into the hearts of the public with hilarious brand of humour, this year's group have a hard task ahead to impress (gawd I love watching this stuff!).

And this year's line up is:

- international superstar David Hasselhoff
- entertainment royalty Patti Newton
- TV star Ian ‘Dicko’ Dickson
- controversial former AFL player Jason Akermanis
- model judge Charlotte Dawson
- glamour sportswoman Lauryn Eagle
- TV presenter Ben Dark
- Bollywood actress Tania Zaetta
- celebrity cook Marion Grasby
- comic Vince Sorrenti
- reality TV star Nathan Jolliffe
- and, comedienne Fiona O’Loughlin

Here is the promo trailer:

Working in teams to raise money [while acutely aware their egos and pride are at stake] to raise as much money as possible for their favourite charity. All will be trying their hardest to avoid hearing the dreaded words ‘You’re Fired’ from their new boss Mark Bouris.

The winner will ultimately take the much-wanted gift of $100,000 to give to their chosen charity.

Let's talk about Mark Bouris. You know what I am talking about here ladies.

Okay, so the official bio says: "one of the country’s most successful high-profile businessmen and Executive Chairman/co-founder of wealth management company Yellow Brick Road".

But once again, it's a tad distracting watching Mark in action: power is so damn attractive.

The host is again joined by his two advisors to be his eyes and ears during challenges: magazine supremo Deborah Thomas is back, and new advisor, entrepreneur Dane Bouris (Mark's son).

Celebrity Apprentice Series Two will now include the challenge as well as the boardroom – where the winning team’s project manager is awarded the money for charity, and someone from the losing team is fired - all in one episode.

Challenges this year include: creating a family funfair, a dog pampering day and taking charge of the turnaround service of a passenger cruise liner.

As they have done in the past, they've all bragged about their contact books of celeb mates which they need to turn into big charity donations. It's so much fun watching them try, fail, argue, yell, and angle for air time and controversial sound bites.

Let the games begin.

Will you be watching?

PS: who do you think will be booted off tonight?

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