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Friday 6 April 2012

Samantha Brick on ITV

So, Samantha Brick.

The story that still lingers... for now.

Watch her TV appearance on Britain's ITV yesterday [below] and you will see that most gobsmacking is her arrogance.

Read the background report on Samantha Brick and the controversy here:


According to Samantha in her TV appearance, "Women do not like attractive women."

Whoa there, sister!

You so have that wrong.

I know many, many women who are not threatened in the slightest to hang out with women far more attractive than they are.

Some of these women are their best friends. 

And mine. Hey Samantha, take a look at my Facebook friends... there are some serious hotties there.

Many of these model-like women are my closest pals.

Am I threatened by them? Or Lordy, no. You have so much to learn about female friendships, Samantha!

When my close buddy and I travelled throughout Europe years ago I noticed that men would walk into things just to stare at her. I'd always nudge her and say, "That guy totally checked you out."

She would be so oblivious to it all; indeed, when I'd point out the bloke in question, she'd trip over her feet and almost take a tumble.

Was I ever peeved she got loads of attention? Nope (hey... sometimes... some of those looks came my way).

Did it make me hate her?

Hell, no.

What do you think of Samantha's TV appearance, and what she said?


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