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Thursday 19 April 2012

Shane Warne and Liz Hurley - their first interview together: Woman's Day

She calls him the “Big Blond” while his nickname for her is “Luna”

Tomorrow the spotlight will firmly be on Shane Warne and Elizabeth Hurley and their highly anticipated first interview for any magazine.

That scoop went to Australia’s highest selling weekly women’s magazine, Woman’s Day.

“It doesn’t get much bigger than this for Australian magazines,” Woman’s Day editor Fiona Connolly said.  “Shane and Elizabeth are one of the world’s most intriguing couples. The story of their romance, engagement and blended family has remained untold - until now.”

Hitting newsstands in a special issue of Woman’s Day out this Friday, Elizabeth and Shane reveal their nicknames for each other: she calls him the “Big Blond” while his nickname for her is “Luna” – after the Sydney's Luna Park.

“Elizabeth calls me a lot more than just the Big Blond – she has dozens of names for me, all of them too embarrassing to share,” Shane tells Woman’s Day.

“I have a handful for her, too, but I usually call her Luna as there was a terrible paparazzi picture of her once looming in to kiss me, which reminded me of the massive mouth at the entrance of Luna Park.”

Fiona adds: “You’ve seen Shane Warne wearing many hats from cricket hero to Aussie larrikin but this is a side of him you could never have imagined.  Woman’s Day readers will be surprised by how honest the couple are about everything from his colourful romantic past, their exes, their kids, how she’s changed him and even plastic surgery.”

“I think we just ‘get’ each other and it feels like we have known one another for ever,’ Shane tells the magazine.

“I understand why Elizabeth and I getting together initially seemed strange to some people and why it created a lot of interest. We are from different worlds, but funnily enough they are very much the same, too," says Shane.

Adds the actress and swimwear designer: “I am extremely happy when I’m with Shane. We are very similar in many ways.

“Despite differences in our backgrounds and careers, we both come from very secure, loving homes and to me that says a lot.”

In the interview, Shane is keen to dispel what he describes as “one of the biggest misconceptions about me”, saying: “I don’t sit in front of the TV and drink 20 cans of beer every night.”

He also reveals the truth about those surgery rumours, telling Woman’s Day: “I can 100 percent tell you that I have not gone under the surgeon’s knife or had a facelift.”

The couple, who first met two years ago and announced their engagement last October, reveal they are likely to marry next year and that celebrations will most probably be held in both countries. “We are very mindful of the fact that our loved ones live at opposite ends of the world,” says Shane, whose three children Brooke, 14, Jackson, 12, and Summer, ten, live with his ex-wife in Melbourne.

And Elizabeth's ten-year-old son Damian is delighted to have “three new playmates on tap”.

“Damian adores them all and rotates round sleeping in all of their bedrooms when we’re in Australia,” she tells Woman’s Day.

The exclusive Woman’s Day photoshoot took place at a family holiday in Sri Lanka, and Shane’s children will be spending part of the summer at Elizabeth’s Gloucestershire farm, where Shane, 42, is now based.

Elizabeth, 46, admits that she found it a “big change going overnight from one child to four” but says she is relishing her role as a stepmother-to-be. “I love it when we’re all together,” she tells Woman’s Day, revealing that her nickname is M2 (“Mummy Two”). “I just try to be the best stepmum that I can.”


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