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Thursday 5 April 2012

The Shahs of Sunset: the new Kardashians?

You may have already heard the buzz about 'The Shahs of Sunset.'

If not, strap yourself in.

Here's the promo trailer: 

Ryan Seacrest interviews the stars from 'The Shahs of Sunset':

'The Shahs of Sunset' is an American reality television series that follows a group of Iranian American friends living in Beverly Hills, who are trying to juggle their social lives and careers, while balancing family demands and trying to maintain their Iranian traditions.

Because of that, comparisons have been drawn with the over-exposed Kardashian clan.

Will they be as omnipresent as Kim & Co?

That kind of high-octane PR will be hard to emulate. Only time will tell [I think it's unlikely... most people seem to be over that in your face self-promotion].

In any case, it will be no doubt entertaining to watch these OTT socialites navigating the party scene while trying to hang on to what it means to be an Iranian in America.

Bring it.

Tune in to the first ep of 'The Shahs of Sunset tonight, 9.30pm, on Arena. Repeated on Arena + 2 at 11.30pm, and throughout the week.

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