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Wednesday 4 April 2012

ClearlyContacts.com.au - one stop specs shop. Loving

Now, I am not much of a web shopper - I am more of a touchy-feely kinda person.

You know: feel the merchandise, try on the wares, see how they look and feel.

But when I was given the opp to trial the whole web shopping experience with eye glasses... well, this was something completely different and new for me.

And this coming from someone who deliberated for far too long about a divine Dior pair I still wear today.

And now, with spectacles so huge on the fashion radar (it seems that even if you don't need a pair, you get one... Wayfarers are on every second face I see) owning an on-trend pair of specs is of more relevance than ever for dedicated fashion hounds. 

So, the Clearly Contacts buying process: how does it all work?

The whole process was actually super easy: get your prescription from your optometrist.

Then, let the fun begin: start choosing your frames. You can scroll through thousands of styles - and they are grouped by brands (from Tom Ford, Escada, Fendi, Gucci, Guess and back again), or you can search by style (aviator, wayfarer, sporty, classic, casual, cutting edge, and more).

ClearlyContacts.com.au has pioneered a number of online tools such as their Virtual Mirror which allows you to upload pictures of yourself and match glasses to your face shape to see what you would look like wearing your choice. 

A second tool is their online PD Ruler which measures customers’ pupillary distance – the distance between their pupils – which is a required measurement when fitting glasses.

The thing I really, really like is that ClearlyContacts.com.au is at the forefront of of taking on expensive optometrists by offering prescription glasses at massively discounted prices – with no catch.

With price inflation in the optometry industry rife for years, with optometrists adding up to 300 per cent on the price of glasses, many have wrongly believed that are an expensive product - in fact, they can be produced at a very affordable cost to the optical retailer (cheeky buggers, eh?)

Roger Hardy, Founder and CEO of ClearlyContacts.com.au, says their vision is to change the way people buy their eyeglasses.

“We believe everyone should be able to afford high quality, stylish glasses. Traditional optical retail stores charge customers extremely high prices to generate big profits – our online retail model enables us to cut expenses and pass on major savings to the customer. I believe the time is right for people to switch to a smarter, more convenient method of buying their glasses, which is what ClearlyContacts.com.au offers,” Mr Hardy says.

Another thing I loved about my whole experience: rapid delivery, and the opportunity for free returns up to 365 days after purchase.

When my glasses did arrive (BTW, you can order sunglasses, accessories, and... contact lenses, of course!) I was so very excited. My dark green tortoiseshell D & G specs, in their original white D & G case and in pristine condition, were as perfect as I'd imagined.

Mr Hardy adds, “Our frames start from $38 to $98 with lenses included; the same frames at an optometrist would cost between $200 and $350 with no lenses. We stock thousands of brand names and manufacture the lenses in one of the world’s most technologically advanced eyeglass laboratories.”

ClearlyContacts.com.au’s distribution centre is in Sydney, and for a web-shopping scaredy cat like me, somehow this was encouraging - and the brand's steady increase in sales recently means that more and more Australians agree, and are making the switch to buying online. 

For more, and to start ordering (I am itching to buy my next pair from ClearlyContacts.com.au to go through the whole easy experience again), go here: http://www.clearlycontacts.com.au

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