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Wednesday 11 April 2012

Bully Movie - including Ellen clip

Have you heard the buzz about this new US movie, simply titled 'Bully'?

You soon will.

I first heard about it some weeks ago, when the family affected by bullying in the movie appeared on the 'Ellen' show.

Watch the entire, moving clip here:

And here is the movie trailer:

Nothing - and I do mean NOTHING - makes my blood boil more than kids being bullied.

This movie focuses on the 13 million+ American kids who will be bullied at school this year - online (often, the most damaging), on the bus, through their ubiquitous mobile phones and on the streets.

'Bully' is the first feature documentary film to show how we've all been affected by bullying: the victims, the perpetrators, and the bystanders.

There was loads of buzz about the movie's rating in the US; listen to what Ellen had to say here:

What do you think of the content of the movie? [Check back here for Australian release date].

Here is the official site:


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