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Monday 23 April 2012

Mahalia Barnes favourite to win 'The Voice' Australia

As the TV show of the year, 'The Voice, heats up - and keeps garnering more attention, column inches, ratings, and a hard-to-ignore, deafening buzz - this just in: the prediction (based on betting odds) on the winner of 'The Voice'.

According to betting site tomwaterhouse.com Mahalia Barnes is $7 favourite to win 'The Voice.'

Yes, the young woman - the daughter of Australian rock legend Jimmy Barnes - is the $7 favourite to win The Voice with online bookmaker tomwaterhouse.com.

And if you're a fan of 'Dancing with the Stars', the betting market is the tightest in the 12 seasons of the television show, with no fewer than four celebrities trading at $4 joint favourites.

“When it comes to music, pedigrees don’t come any better than that of Mahalia Barnes – a daughter of Jimmy Barnes, half-sister of David Campbell and niece of Johnny Diesel,” said Tom Waterhouse, Managing Director of tomwaterhouse.com.

“Vogue Williams is odds on to follow Erin McNaught out of Dancing with the Stars next Sunday but the race for the glitterball has never been closer with four equal market leaders after two rounds.”

And so, here is the full list of the odds for the winner of 'The Voice' according to tomwaterhouse.com:

'The Voice' winner:

$7 Mahalia Barnes
$9 Karise Eden
$11 Rachael Leahcar
$13 Darren Percival
$17 Carmen Smith, Casey Withoos
$21 Lakyn Heperi, Paula Parore
$26 Sarah De Bono, Adam Martin
$34 Yshrael Pascual, Kelsie Rimmer, Chris Sebastian $41 Laura Bunting, Glenn Cunningham, Sarah Lloyde, Cam Tapp $51 Emma Louise Birdsall, Danni Da Ros, Taga Paa $67 Ben Bennett, Abbie Cardwell, Brett Clarke, Jimmy Cupples, Michael Duchesne, Ben Hazlewood, Adam Hoek, Peta Jeffress $81 Matt Hetherington, Mali Koa-Hood $101 Yianna Stavrous $1.90 Any other person

Prediction for 'The Voice' team winner:
$3 Team Joel, Team Seal
$4 Team Keith
$4.25 Team Delta

And the prediction for the winner 'Dancing With The Stars,' according to tomwaterhouse.com:

$4 Zoe Cramond, Kerri-Anne Kennerley, Johnny Ruffo, Danielle Spencer
$15 Caine Eckstein
$17 Brendan Fevola, Shannon Noll
$26 Jessica Watson
$41 Brian Mannix
$101 Vogue Williams

Second elimination
$1.80 Vogue Williams
$4.50 Brian Mannix
$7 Jessica Watson
$11 Brendan Fevola, Shannon Noll
$13 Caine Eckstein
$41 Johnny Ruffo
$51 Kerri-Anne Kennerley
$67 Zoe Cramond, Danielle Spencer

Sunday 29 April top scorer
$3.25 Zoe Cramond, Danielle Spencer
$3.75 Kerri-Anne Kennerley
$9 Johnny Ruffo
$10 Brendan Fevola
$17 Caine Eckstein
$34 Brian Mannix, Vogue Williams
$41 Shannon Noll
$51 Jessica Watson

tomwaterhouse.com is the racing and sports betting website of Australia's biggest bookmaker - those who know their racing families will know that Tom Waterhouse is a fourth generation bookmaker and a member of the country's most famous racing family.

So: where does your fave figure in the list above? Agree with the odds? What's your prediction?

Here are some performances from 'The Voice', including Mahalia's:

And Darren Percival:

And Carmen Smith:

And... my fave, Paula Parore:

And my husband's fave Karise Eden (oh yes, the man who has an aversion to 'reality shows' of any kind is [reluctantly] hooked):

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