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Monday 2 September 2013

Positive Pregnancy Tests For Sale

So, you know that old positive pregnancy test your hanging onto for nostalgia's sake?

Guess what? You can make some mula out of it!

According to an article doing the round in the past few days, a distutbing new trend has emerged where women are selling those pee-ed on preg tests sticks with the magic two little lines.


Well, think about it: bizarro women trying to rope their man into proposing (really?! Are women seriously doing this?) or just people wanting a silly prank.

As The Huffington Post first reported in May, a woman in New York was found selling positive pregnancy tests on US buy-and-sell site Craiglist for $25.

What do you make of this madness?

Did you keep your pregnancy tests? Would you ever sell them? It's kinda opened a whole new door of, er, income for pregnant women who'd like to pee like mad on sticks for money. Dear GOD! Insane...

Photo: Huffington Post

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