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Saturday 7 September 2013

Ross Matthews: 'Hello Ross' on E! - Interview

E! Favourite Ross Mathews Brings His Over-the-Top Love for All Things Pop Culture to New Series 'Hello Ross'.

The Australian premiere date is Saturday, September 7 at 9.30pm, soon after it airs in the US - 'Express From the US' as is Foxtel's tagline.

I was given the opportunity to interview Ross this week in the lead up to the global debut of his show.

Ross was as affable, lovable, smart, genuine, and adorable as you'd imagine, and added some fabulous words of wisdom and strong convictions about life. It's hard not to warm to Ross.

Here's my Josie's Juice blog interview with Ross Matthews:

Josie's Juice: So, set the scene: where are you right now?

Ross Matthews: I'm in my office at Universal Studios in Hollywood, where we're shooting my talk show. Even saying it out loud is just like, I can't even believe it!

JJ: It must be a massive dream come true for you!

RM: It is! Even growing up as a kid in a farm town I always wanted to be a talk show host. I remember being eight years old and telling my mom, "I want to be a talk show host", because I wanted to meet celebrities - but not just meet them, but also have a conversations with them.

Every decision I've made since I was eight years old has been to get here. And now to be here is like... it's very thrilling! But now, more than ever, it's like, let's get to work!

JJ: I mean, how can anyone not love you?

RM: To have confidence when you're like me - and I am a big gay cartoon of a person - you're going to have to be 1000% in, and never apologise, and just go forward and that's what I am good at.

The subtitle of my book 'Man Up' is 'Tales of My Delusional Self-Confidence' and I really mean that. I just kind of go forward and it's all about fun and positivity and like, everyone just hop on if you like it, come on board!

Having faith in you, I think - not to be all hippy dizzy about it - but I just think, "Why not me?" I shouldn't have ever thought this should have ever have happened to me, but I thought, "Why not me?!"

JJ: I love that. That is honestly my credo too! I'd imagine you'd inspire men, young gay men, and young people in geveral all the time?

RM: Absolutely. And my story is not just a gay story. I define 'man up' - the title of my book - as embracing and celebrating what makes you different, so you stand out from the crowd. So, my story is not just a gay story, it's a universal story of self acceptance. Because we all have something, we all have that thing that makes us different that we're ashamed of. Some of us have three or four (laughs). I have... well, I can give you a list!

At a certain point, it's... I can hate myself or I can love myself, and go 1000% and that's what I've done, and I think that's really resonated with the auduence. And, I am so excited - I am such a fan of pop culture, and that's what 'Hello Ross' the show is about. It really is a place for pop culture, because I love the stuff, you love this stuff, let's talk about it.

JJ: So tell me, what can we expect from the show?

RM: My show is for the super fans. There are so many shows that tear down pop culture, and say, "Isn't she lame?!" My show is more like, "I love this stuff, you love this stuff, let's talk about it. My co-shot on the show is the audience. It's built in the round. So when we're talking about the biggest stories of the week, I will be talking to the audience in the studio.

And when we have a guest on the show, the studio audience can ask them questions. And it's not just limited here to Hollywood - we will be video chatting to people from across the world, so people in Australia, New Zealand, Germany, all around the world... people can ask the biggest stars in the world their question.

When I say it's about pop culture and people coming together, I mean it! 

JJ: This really follows the way pop culture is manifested these day: it's propelled by social media.

RM: Yes! I remember when I was a kid and I said I wanna be talk show host, I would watch talk shows and I would watch Rosie (O'Donnell) and Oprah... and I would talk to the TV and I would think, why can't they hear me, and in 2013, we can!

So there's no reason that the people can't be a part of the show.

You can't reinvent the wheel of a talk show, I knew that early on, but what you can do is bring your perspective and your piont of view. And everyhing I bring into this, not only is it new and fresh, and - I think - really needed in pop culture, but it's authentic, it really is.

These are the conversations I'm having wth people anyway, and we're just opening it up to the rest of the world. You know, I took my entire staff to see the 'One Direction' documenary and we sat around afterwards and just talked about it, and debated who is the best one and who is the cutest, and what is the best song (laughs). And that's what this show is going to be about.

JJ: I agree. This are what we about now. We can talk politics and important issues, but we also talk about Miley Cyrus and what Kim Kardashian's baby looks like.

JJ: So how can people in Australia, and around the world take part?

RM: To take part, follow us on Twitter and tweet us, or go to the 'Hello Ross' website and leave messages... we are scouring social media all the time.

When we know we're going to talk about Lady Gaga, we are scouring Lady Gaga's website, and fan forums - we don't want the fans here in the audience to be straight out of casting central; we want these people to be running Iloveladygaga.com... we want these people to really care and be having this dailogue anyway and we're just giving them a platform.

JJ: You just know 'Hello Ross' will do what it says it will: deliver fun, discussion, and a huge dose of pop culture to those who love this stuff. I am thrilled for you.

RM: I feel that, and I feel people really rooting for us and I will deliver, I promise you.

Screen details are below for 'Hello Ross.Universally been adored for his appearances on 'The Tonight Show with Jay Leno', 'Chelsea Lately', and E!’s red carpet coverage, and now, Ross will give viewers a fresh take on the latest news from Hollywood.

Here is the latest teaser promo for the first show:

And here is an interview with Ross on 'The Better Show' on US TV:

'Hello Ross' premieres express from the US on Saturday, September 7 at 9:30pm AEST only on E! (E! is available on Foxtel on Channel 121)

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