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Tuesday 29 October 2013

Fit n Fast and Triumph: Bra Fittings + Triaction Launch

I am now a... well, not gym junkie, not fitness freak... but I do love keeping fit and healthy, thanks to my Fit n Fast-assisted transformation.

But I get a bit funny if the girls are not securely tucked away. On a few occasions during a personal training sesh with my fab Fit n Fast trainer Hayley I'd worn the wrong bra (read: almost every time as I haaate feeling restricted in uncomfy bras) and I'd halt training for a few seconds so I could tuck those puppies back in.

Well. This new little Triumph baby called the 'triaction' bra might just be the answer.

Now, those clever gym people have teamed up with bra company Triumph 'Bounce Free Sports Bra Fittings' held at Fit n Fast Westfield Sydney from 29 October. This three day initiative will be happening in selected Fit n Fast gyms around the country.

Says the Fit n Fast/Triumph blurb: "Sports bras will be tested for comfort, fit and support whilst exercising to ensure perfection is achieved, instigated following the revelation that of 1000 women who had been tested, only 39% would wear a professional sports bra when exercising despite 82% stating they wear a bra in order to protect their bust. 90% of women have something to complain about when it comes to wearing a bra, with over 50% not having had a bra fitting for five years or more.

The Bounce Free Sports Bra fitting allows you to trial bras from the Triumph triaction range (see all the new fab bras below... I am about to trial one!), whilst receiving expert advice from a Triumph Brastylist. The experts will take into consideration your preferred exercise type, breast size and body shape, while undergoing real-time exercise challenges."

Each Bounce Free Sports Bra fitting will take 15 minutes and will happen between 11am - 12pm.

For more on the bra fittings, go here.

Here, is Carolyn Stewart, National Sales Manager for Triumph Australia, who is also a trained BraStylist on the five top mistakes women make with sports bras: 

1. Not wearing a sports bra at all for sporting activities. A regular bra, even if it a supportive bra will not be sufficient for sport. Even an A or B cup woman needs the support of a properly fitted sports bra. The design and construction of a sports bra is very different to that of a regular bra and is made to hold the bust firmly in place, reducing breast bounce while exercising.

2. Sports bras have a limited life and should be replaced frequently. Depending on how often a sports bra is worn and how well you take care of it, a sports bra should be replaced every six months. Elastic fibres break down over time, reducing the level of support the bra offers. 

3. Women misinterpret the firm feel of a sports bra for being too small and end up buying the wrong size.  Where possible, always have a fitting and expect that the bra is meant to feel firm.

4. Not matching the impact level of your sporting activity to the support level of the sports bra.  Most good quality sports bras will be designed with a support level in mind. Women who play netball or run for instance will need more support than a wire free bra designed for yoga and Pilates. 

5. Not investing money in a good sports bra. Always spend as much as your budget can afford as it is like good running shoes.  You definitely get what you pay for.
Go forth and be fitted!

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