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Wednesday 9 October 2013

American Apparel Vagina Period T-shirt

When I saw this a few days ago, sheepishly scanning the news first thing in the AM, I was a little taken aback.

The word 'vagina' doesn't bother me. Neither does the 'c' word. It has a time and place.

Plus, I have been keen to review a new book called 'The Vagina'. So yeah, no biggie.

But this. Hmmm. It's a bit much. A vagina, spread-eagled, and mid-period. Uh, where on earth would you wear it?

Here are the unisex tees in question, which also includes a breasts version:

They are made and sold by American Apparel.

The back story?

The T-shirt is produced by 'The Ardorous', an all-woman art brand run by artist Petra Collins, who is a photographer and American Apparel employee.

Petra has an interest in "exploring female sexuality and teen girl culture", the brand said.

In an interview with VICE magazine, Petra said she had "trolled the mainstream media" with the shirt and made fun of how some outlets could not say the word "vagina".

Half the money from the t-shirt's sale is distributed to the artist and American Apparel takes the other 50 per cent.


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