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Thursday 3 October 2013

'It's A Date' - ABC TV Series

It's almost the end of this new Australian comedy series 'It's A Date', and I am sad to see it end - I am obsessed with it!

Currently screening on Australian TV - on ABC TV - each Thursday, tonight is the last episode of the 8-part narrative comedy series, and I want more! It's just too good, all of it: the script, the characters, the situations they find themselves in, the way the date progresses and often goes awry, and the message behind the always-unusual couplings.

Seeing which actors appear each week has been the most exciting aspect of the series for me. Think: Asher Keddie, Kate Ritchie, Lawrence Mooney, Ryan Shelton, Sophie Lowe (the 'date' between Sophie and Ryan's characters... most uncomfortable and brilliant viewing, ever), John Wood, Lisa McCune, Stephen Curry, Shane Jacobson, Nadine Garner, Pia Miranda, Lawrence Mooney (his depiction of an ageing radio DJ 'The Pig' is pure gold), Ian Smith ('Harold' from 'Neighbours'!), Peter Helliar, and comedian Ross Noble, alongside some of Australia's best emerging comedy talents including Jess Harris, Ronny Chieng, Kate McLennan, Luke McGregor and Nazeem Hussain.

Peter Helliar (ex-'Rove') is the writer and director of the series, alongside fellow director Jonathan Brough. The show was produced by Laura Waters, who has produced all three of Chris Lilley’s series, 'We Can Be Heroes', 'Summer Heights High', and 'Angry Boys', and is set to produce 'Ja'mie: Private School Girl'.

Here is the extended trailer:

Each new episode tackles a different set of situations and addressing a new question each week. Should you have sex on a first date? Does age matter? How accurate are first impressions? How important is honesty on a first date? It's all brilliant, original Australian TV.

Tune in tonight, and buy the DVD when it's released!

'It's A Date' screens tonight Thursday October 3, on ABC1 at 9pm, and all eps are also available on iview here.

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