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Sunday 20 October 2013

Mark 'Chopper' Read: 60 Minutes Australia interview with Tara Brown: VIDEO

It'll be the most talked about interview of the night tonight: the '60 Minutes Australia' world exclusive with Mark 'Chopper' Read, with journalist Tara Brown.

Here is a preview:

Here is the 'Extra Minutes' clip, where reporter Tara Brown tells of her experience interviewing 'Chopper':

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I do not condone violence in any way, and hardly like to glorify criminals.

That said, the movie 'Chopper', in which Eric Bana plays the title role is one of the intense, incredible movies I have ever seen, Australian or otherwise.

My absolute fave clip is below, and I think Eric and Vince Colosimo's performances are stellar:

Vince Colosimo as Neville Bartos
Eric Bana was my first big interview back in the year 2000. It was a face to face interview, for Cream magazine, and I was the first journalist lined up to interview him for his slew of press engagements to promote the film, which all the writers had seen the night before. We met at Bills in Surry Hills, and I will never forget how much I enjoyed that interview. I recall Eric being a tad nervous - this was, after all, his role of a lifetime, the role that could potentially catapult him into the Hollywood stratosphere. (It did... and how). I won't lie... I was more nervous than him. It was a big interview and a big deal - until then we'd known Eric as the joker who had developed Aussie comedy caricatures such as 'Poida' and a fabulous parody of TV's Ray Martin.

Eric was as giving and open and humourous as I expected. I recall he wore a ring with the word 'coraggio' on his finger. I asked him about it. It was a gift from his wife, Rebecca Gleeson. They'd been married for three years (and still are, with two kids) and he told me she gave him the ring, which he wore every single day, to remind him to have 'coraggio' - 'courage' in Italian. To this day, you'll see him still wear that ring in interviews.

Watching that clip - both of them above - gives me chills.

Tune in tonight from 8.10pm to watch Mark 'Chopper' Read's final interview, recorded days before his death, on '60 Minutes' on Channel Nine.

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