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Saturday 26 October 2013

Tom Hiddleston impersonation at Popcorn Taxi: Owen Wilson as 'Loki'.

This guy does a sensational send-up.

'Thor: The Dark World' star Tom Hiddleston visited Popcorn Taxi a few weeks ago for an exclusive one hour Q & A talking about life, acting, and the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Those cheeky funsters at Popcorn Taxi asked him to demonstrate how Owen Wilson would play Loki'. Here's his version:

How good is that impersonation. So good it's now at 1.9 million views.

Also: the man can dance!

At an appearnance in Korea recently, he did this:

How sexy is a man who can dance... really dance... and not that unattractive, always doomed 'drunk dancing.'

Watch this space for Tom's next hidden talent...

Photo: Popcorn Taxi

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