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Thursday, 9 January 2014

Doritos "Finger Cleaner" - 2014 Crash The Super Bowl Finalist

This. Is. Awesome.

This ad - now viral at almost two million views - is called "Finger Cleaner", and has been selected as a top 5 finalist in the 2014 Doritos #crashthesuperbowl competition.

It's the only international finalist - ever - and first (ever! We needed to say that again!) Aussie in 'Crash The Super Bowl.'

And, it all comes down to vote. Your votes.

Says Thomas Noakes, the 27 year old director of the ad from QLD's Sunshine Coast: "...Now and I really need your help! The finalist with the most votes gets their commercial screened at the Super Bowl. Imagine screening the #Fingercleaner to 100,000,000 people!"

He continues: "That's not all, the winner also walks away with an amazing $1,000,000 dollars and the life changing opportunity to work on the set of Marvels Avengers: Age of Ultron!

I am immensely humbled by the incredible response from everyone and eternally grateful for all your support. Thank you internet!"

He adds: "Shout out to me @FingerCleaner #votefingercleaner #crashthesuperbowl "

Watch the funny - but ewww - ad here. GO AUSSIES!

They add:

Please vote daily, once per device (Computer/phone/tablet) to have @Fingercleaner screen at the 2014 Super Bowl! Click here: http://bit.ly/Km2ftG

I would love you to share & spread the "Finger Cleaner." Tell your friends & family!

Do it, guys! DAILY!

Go Aussies, wooooo!

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