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Thursday 9 January 2014

Lizzie Velasquez: "The World's Ugliest Woman" - YouTube VIDEO

Lizzie Velasquez was still in high school whe she found a YouTube video called "The World's Ugliest Woman" online.

It was about her.

The cli - which had been viewed more than four million times - was eight seconds long but devastaring. It featured nothing more than a photo of her face.
Underneath the clip were thousands of comments abusing and ridiculing her, with some people saying she should commit suicide.
But this did not destroy the self-esteem of Lizzie. Now a 24 year old motivational speaker, she's telling everyone how she beat the haters.
Ms Velasquez speaking in Austin, Texas.
Lizzie Velasquez speaking in Texas.
Lizzie has never weighed more than 29 kilos, and was born with a very rare which causes her to have a hyperactive metabolism and prevents her from gaining any weight. She's also blind in her right eye.
This condition is so rare only two other people in the world are known to suffer from it.
Lizzie recently shared her story at a TED Talk in Austin, Texas. She said of that hurtful video:
"I cried my eyes out of course, and I was ready to kind of fight back, and something kind of clicked in my head and I thought 'I'm just going to leave it alone'," she said.
"I could be grateful and open my eyes and realise the things that I do have, and make those the things that define me," she said. "I can't see out of one eye, but I can see out of the other. I might get sick a lot, but I have really nice hair."
She's right. She does have ni...
Lizzie in action
"Am I going to let the people who called me a monster define me? No. I'm going to let my goals and my success and my accomplishments be the things that define me."
Watch Lizzie Velasquez's speech on YouTube now:

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