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Thursday 9 January 2014

Meeting 'yourself' on Facebook. When Tiffany Farrington met Tiffani Farrington - after 7 years of Facebook friendship

Have you ever met 'yourself' on Facebook. You know, someone with the same name as you?

Now, I'm not talking your Italian or Greek cousin (how many Euro cousins in the family have the same name! It's an old school tradition... two of my first cousins have a variation of my name).

No, we're talking those people you do not know, are likely to live in another country, and have YOUR EXACT NAME. We've all done it: search for someone with 'our' name on Facebook and look at their name on the screen with a strange smirk and giggle, while stalking as many photos as their Facebook privacy settings allow. Do they have the same interests as me? What makes them tick?

But would you ever go as far as sending them a Facebook 'friend request'? Actually want to get to know someone who you may have nothing in common with except your name?

This person did. Or should I say, these two Tiffany/Tiffani Farringtons did... with a surprising outcome.

Tiffany Farrington, based in Sydney, is the director of Social Diary, a go-to site for parties Australia-wide, used for scheduling events, placing social party diary notes, and hosting the biggest annual PR/media bash in the country, the Social Diary Christmas party.

Back in 2007, when Facebook was quite new, Tiffany was approached by a woman named Tiffani Farrington, from Texas, USA.

Tiffani asked Tiffany if she wanted to be Facebook friends, and Tiffany said yes. (Gosh, it even sounds like it was destined to happen!)

Seven years later... and Tiffany flew to the US for a trip, and met with Tiffani. In the time that had passed in between, the two had become firm friends across the oceans, and here is the moment they met in person and shared a drink, stories, and an obviously strong bond formed over the seven years:

Tiffany Farrington (left) and Tiffani Farrington, meet in person for the first time

They each captioned the same photo on their Facebook feeds (used here with permission):

Says the Aussie Tiffany:

I love myself!!! And by that, I mean I finally met Tiffani Farrington, the gorgeous Texan gal who approached me online back in 2007 when Facebook just started. She asked if we could be friends because we were the only two sharing our name, and we've been online friends ever since. 7 years of highs and lows - and finally together! We have so much in common it's beyond bizarre. Have you ever met yourself? — feeling giddy with Tiffani Farrington.
And the US Tiffani posted the same photo, with this caption:

10 hours ago via Mobile 

I just (finally) got to meet myself. Eh? No, seriously! There's this beautiful Tiffany Farrington girl ... And she's got an Australian accent. We've been online friends for 7 years - since back-in-the-day when I had several people mistake us for each other online. Honestly... It was beautiful and I've never needed someone more at any other time in my life. She's basically the sister I always wished I had... And the best friend I've known all of my life rolled into one. Life is so weird like that... Bringing people into your life when you need them the most.  Sweet dreams, my loves. Remember to let your heart be open ... You never know when/how you will meet the ones who steal your heart when you least expect it. 
 — with Tiffany Farrington atLaurel Hardware.

How absolutely awesome is that!

Would you do it?

Would you reach out to the person with the exact name as you and ask them to be Facebook friends?

It turned out wonderfully for these two women, across different parts of the globe.

After reading these euphoric posts last night on Facebook, it inspired me to look (again!) at the women with 'my' name. There were a few (and I thought my surname, and the combo of my surname AND first name was so unique!), and one in particular stood out... like we should be friends or something...

Says Tiffany (the Aussie one, who is my Facebook friend, and longtime actual, real life friend of about 15 years), when told her I'd seen several Josie Gaglianos, but one in particular I felt I should know:

"Yes, yes do it! And meet Josie! Seriously beautiful moment for us... Beyond words. Simple connection. Silly and deep and lovely. Highly recommend!", said Tiffany Farrington.

Would you go there? Or have you? How did it go?

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