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Sunday 26 January 2014

WoodGreen Homeward Bound: 'Gossip Today'

I really love this.

In a culture fixated on 'celebrity', watch what the world would look like if we gave a shit a lot more about people who really need our attention, and far less so about Kardashians, Ke$ha, or Kate Gosselin:

Created for the WoodGreen Homeward Bound program by advertising agency DDB Canada, DDB Executive Creative Director Denise Rossetto told the website Osocio: "Our creative is a parody of popular celebrity media culture, but instead of celebrity-focused stories, it features hard-hitting headlines about struggling single mothers and the real hardships they face each day. Learning about celebrities is fun, but we want people to recognise that there are many others who are in greater need of our attention and support."

They urge people to sign their petition at http://www.woodgreen.org/ and help single mothers move out of poverty. Use the hashtag: #ChangeTheConversation

The site asks: "What if we cared about those living in poverty as much as we care about celebrities?

"Learning about celebrities is fun, but there are people who need our attention much more: struggling single mothers. Meet a few of these women below and see how the WoodGreen Homeward Bound program has changed their lives."

For more, go to the site here.

Here are some parody covers used for the advertising campaign:

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