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Tuesday 14 January 2014

'Woody Allen Story We Need To Stop Forgetting'

An interesting, thought-provoking piece by the Refinery29 site on Woody Allen, in light of his honouring at last night's Golden Globes, and subsequent Tweet by Ronan Farrow:

In the article, by writer Kelsey Miller, it says:

Last night when Woody was awarded a lifetime achievement award for what is undoubtably an outstanding, untouchable body of work, his biological son Ronan tweeted: "Missed the Woody Allen tribute - did they put the part where a woman publicly confirmed he molested her at age 7 before or after Annie Hall?" And, I hope we all heard him. Three months ago, Dylan Farrow (who now goes by a different name) spoke publicly for the first time about her experiences with Allen and the lasting traumatic effect it has had on her life. 

Riddled with fears and bouts of depression, Dylan felt responsible for the breakdown of her family. While her life has now resettled (she married and lives in relative anonymity), she spent her entire life haunted by the image of a man that the rest of the world adores. Understandable, since Allen has managed to contact her twice in the intervening years, sending letters and photos of the two of them via mail, using a false name and return address. "I’ve had physical breakdowns because I opened a magazine to the wrong page...I’m scared of him, his image. Nobody wants to think this legendary filmmaker is my worst nightmare. That’s what scares me, when I picture things chasing me or happening — I think it’s him after me. It’s hard to explain how terrifying that is."

Kelsey continues:

So, can we still love the work of Woody Allen? For me, the answer is an uneasy "yes." Because, I do. To say I'll stop would just be another lie in a situation already mired in falsehoods and overlooked facts. So, I think we can still love the work of Woody Allen, but under one condition: This part of his story is told.

Continue reading this article here.


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