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Tuesday 20 January 2015

The Stock Photobomber: Viral Photos

The Stock Photobomber guy. He's going viral, and with good reason: his photos are bloody hilarious.

His name is Matthew Vescovo and before his newfound talent in photobombing, he was 'The Master of the Obvious' - his aim: to make the world a more informative yet aesthetically pleasing place with something he called Instructoart.

Instructoart was made into three books, exhibited in galleries in New York City, London, Amsterdam, Mexico City and Toronto and was featured on MTV as a series of animated shorts for the network. See more about Instructoart here.

He then created a Facebook account in November last year highlighting his photobombing madness, and now have captured the attention of sites and blogs around the world.

He says: "For years as an art director in advertising, I shifted through hundreds of stock photos and always felt like there was something off about them.

Real people were doing real things we all do, but in the end it didn’t feel real. So in an attempt to inject some reality into these photos, I did the only thing I could think of, I injected myself by photobombing the crap out of them."

This guy is good. See some of his images here, with his own captions (then scroll down for the link to more).

Title: Couple kissing outside

Title: Roommate with boundary issues

(Bonus photo!): Title: Gimp popping blackhead

Title: Couple kissing outside

Title: Man being third wheel

Title: birthday party

Title: Uncle drinks at niece's birthday

Title: Woman with hands behind head

Title: Man enjoying girlfriend's pits

Title: Senior couple in bedroom

Title: Man vacuums grandparents

Title: Portrait of senior couple sitting in bed

Title: Parents taking picture with son's "friend"

Title: Businessman explaining to manager

Title: Executive doing coke behind cubicle partition

See more of these modern day masterpieces here and follow his Facebook page here.

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