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Thursday 15 January 2015

Caitlin Stasey: herself.com - PHOTOS

The new site everyone is talking about is herself.com.

Founded by Australian actress Caitlin Stasey, the 24 year old who is best known for her role as Rachel Kinski in 'Neighbours' (she also starred as Francesca Thomas in 'The Sleepover Club' and her breakthrough movie role in 'Tomorrow, When the War Began'; she also plays Lady Kenna in the American series 'Reign'), her site is garnering much attention. Here's Caitlin (photo by Jennifer Toole):

She says about her site:

“Herself is a gesture to women for women by women; a chance to witness the female form in all its honesty without the burden of the male gaze, without the burden of appealing to anyone. These women are simply & courageously existing, immortalized within these photos. Within their words, their experiences and stories are offered on Herself in the hopes of encouraging solidarity – that maybe we as women will take comfort in the triumphs of others rather than revelling in each other’s defeats. Let us reclaim our bodies. Let us take them back from those who seek to profit from our insecurity.” -Caitlin Stasey

And here is Caitlin's story. Incredibly intriguing young woman (explicit photos - NSFW).

Caitlin Stasey, photo by Jennifer Toole

Caitlin interviews many women on the site - go to the home page and click on 'Interviews' and prepare to be intrigued and fall in love with all of these women.

To follow Caitlin on Twitter, go here.

And you can follow the social media convo by using the hashtag: #herselfdotcom

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