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Thursday 29 January 2015

Nonna Paola: VIDEOS

Nonna Paola, you rock, bella.

You've likely seen this video, by Nonna Paola… you know the one, about tattoos ("tatu, tatu, tatu… va fanculo!") Well, here it is, and more below:

Post by Nonna Paola.

And, we will update with more videos as they're released:

Post by Greg Lachimia.

UPDATED: February 4, 2015:

Nonna Paola appeared on 'The Project' tonight - Peter Helliar showcased her in her famous 'no tatu, taut' video. SEE! Told you Nonna was BIG:

And here is Nonna's reaction to her segment on 'The Project' tonight:

Her son describes her like this:

"Nonna Paola is my mother she's a Calabrian true at heart... But most importantly she's a loving & caring grandmother we all love her…"

And here is where Calabria is on the map for the non-Italians… it's the 'tip' of the 'boot':

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